Madison World Music Festival Sept 23-25

The seventh annual Madison World Music Festival will be held from September 23-25, 2010, in the Memorial Union and at the Willy Street Fair and Madison College. Outreach events start on Tuesday, September 21.

Again this year, all events are free and open to the public. Patrons who wish to can donate online or send donations to: Wisconsin Union Theater / MWMF Fund, 800 Langdon Street, Madison, WI 53706. With diminishing funding, donations are needed and greatly appreciated.

As in past years, the festival brings extraordinary artists from around the world for free performances, workshops, lectures, films, and other outreach events. It offers many opportunities to dance and party as well as to enjoy traditional music and the signature stiltwalking puppets of Dragon Knights

The schedule is as follows. Please note: schedule is subject to change. Please consult the website for last minute changes.

Tuesday, 9/21/10:
12pm – 1:30pm: Film, “The Duke of Bachata,” about Joan Soriano, 206 Ingraham Hall

Wednesday, 9/22/10:
6:30pm: Dja-Rara documentary, “The Other Side of the Water: the  Journey of a Haitian Rara Band in Brooklyn” with Q&A with film director, Jeremy Robins, MATC Mitby Theater

Thursday, 9/23/10:
12:00 pm: Dja-Rara performance, Madison College.

3:00 pm: Dja-Rara on Wisconsin Public Radio’s Here on Earth.

4:15 pm: Mahala Rai Banda lecture/performance, Humanities Building, TITU.

5:00 pm: Dja-Rara at Madison College south campus at the South Side Farmers Market.

6:00 pm La Santa Cecilia (Mexico/USA) Memorial Union Terrace (Rain – Union Theater)

7:00 pm: Film screening and discussion, “The Other Side of the Water: the Journey of a Haitian Rara Band in Brooklyn,” 1295 Grainger Hall. Q & A with director Jeremy Robins.

8 pm Mahala Rai Banda (Romania) Memorial Union Terrace (Rain – Union Theater)
10 pm Kenge Kenge (Kenya) Memorial Union Terrace (Rain – Union Theater)

Friday, 9/24/10, Music Performances at Memorial Union Terrace
(Good Weather Schedule. See rain schedule on website):

4:00 pm: “Jewish Folklore and the Creative Arts,” Lecture by Jeremiah Lockwood of Sway Machinery. Memorial Union TITU.

4:45 pm Ulssu Korean Drum Troupe – Terrace
5:30 pm Dragon Knights (Venus / San Diego) – Terrace
6:00 pm Dja-Rara (Haiti / Brooklyn) parade – Terrace
6:45 pm Dragon Knights (Venus / San Diego) – Terrace
6:45 pm Barbara Furtuna (Corsica) – Union Theater
7:15 pm Ordo Sakhna (Kyrgyzstan) – Terrace
8:00 pm Barbara Furtuna (Corsica) – Union Theater
9:00 pm Dja-Rara performance on stage – Terrace
10:00 pm The Sway Machinery (Jewish / NY) – Terrace

Saturday, 9/25/10, Willy St. Fair:
1:30 pm Dja-Rara on stage
2:15 pm Dja-Rara and Dragon Knights (Venus / San Diego) parade
3:00 pm Cimarron (Colombia)
4:00 pm Dragon Knights (Venus / San Diego)
4:20 pm Khaira Arby (Mali)
6:15 pm Cimarron (Colombia)
7:30 pm Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars (Sierra Leone)

Saturday, 9/25/10, Memorial Union:
9:00 pm Joan Soriano (Dominican Republic) Bachata dance party!

Again in 2010 the Festival organizers provided a series of events, in multiple locations, that reach people with many different musical interests. This is the only festival of its kind within a 90-mile radius, and serves a very practical purpose. The concerts, lectures, workshops, films, and dance parties complement each other well.

I know it is difficult to provide balance when one is presenting both popular and traditional music from many different countries, but this festival does so. My personal favorites this year were a vocal ensemble from Corsica and an instrumental ensemble from Kyrgystan. I enjoy seeing these bands play, up close and personal, and appreciate being able to purchase CDs of their music. I also enjoy seeing people taking photos, dancing on the terrace, and enjoying food and friends.

Unfortunately, this year’s weather was cold and rainy, so many UW-Madison events were held indoors, but we are indeed fortunate to have the Union Theater in such cases.

The festival planning committee is to be thanked and encouraged. The many sponsors are to be thanked as well.


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