playlist 11 september

afghan ensemble

Music from Afghanistan and Iraq

afghani musicians.  chant from azarejot.  anthology of world music.  rounder

ahmed mukhtar.  sufi moments.  the road to baghdad: new maqams.  ARC

baba naim.  landai sings with ghichak.  afghanistan untouched.  traditional crossroads

bawin.  ya binaya goumi.  choubi choubi.  sublime frequencies

cheb i sabbah.  the prakriti mix: river of mercy; the zindegi meera mix: love dreams.  shri durga.  six degrees

ilham al madfai.  oh weep my heart.  the voice of iraq.  EMI virgin

kazem al saher.  masikan udi.  the impossible love.  calabashmusic com

kepa junkera.  izaro; peliqueiroak terranovan.  maren.  EMI

mohammed saleh abd al-saheb.  qum na dimi.  music of islam v 4.  celestial harmonies

muhannad muhsin.  ta’abtouyak.  the best of.  EMI

munir bashir.  taqsim en maqam Dasht.  art of the Ud.  ocora

rahim alhaj.  taqsim maqam saba.  when the soul is settled.  smithsonian folkways

rahim khushnawaz.  leili kodam ast be nok-e bam.  afghanistan rubab and dutar.  ocora

the afghan ensemble.  khorshid gouna.  songs from afghanistan.  ARC


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