playlist 31 july

krishna lila

artist.  track.  cd title.  label

abu hilal.  leh alkhiyana.   sif safaa: new music from the middle east.  EMI

al gromer khan.  night of the scorpion.   mahogany nights.  hearts of space

alan shavarsh bardezbanian.  anatolian memories.   oud masterpieces.  ARC

ali hassan kuban.  mabruk.  from nubia to cairo.  shanachie

cheb i sabbah.  raja vedalu.   krishna lila.  six degrees

cheb i sabbah.  sadats.   la kahena.  six degrees

cheb youcef  & cheba nouria.  rah m’aouel.   rah m’aouel.  culture press

djur djura.  nura.   voice of silence.  warner

dozan.  tal’a min bayt abuha.   introducing dozan.  world music network

hamid el khayyat.  zahrani cut.   the doom tek project.  hollywood music

jon balke & amina alaoui.  zahori.   siwan.  ECM

kepa junkera.  bok espok; ny hirahira.   maren.  emi

mickey hart & zakir hussain.  funky zena.   global drum project.  shout factory

nayim alal.  sin secreto.   sahara tierra mia.

noor shimal.  jarzis .   where africa meets the orient.  ARC

omar el guizawi.  salamou aleikom.   secret museum of mankind.  shanachie

rahim alhaj.  taqsim maqam saba.   when the soul is settled.  smithsonian folkways

samira said.  ma khalas.   greatest hits 1995 2005.  alam el phan

sarit hadad.  angels from heaven.   only love will bring love.  hed arzi

sufi brotherhoods &street musicians.  combined adhans for salat as soubh.   dances & trances.  world arbiter


2 Responses to playlist 31 july

  1. Amy says:

    No way. The album depicted at the top is what I played when I landed in Pgh this weekend. The midnight fog in between the hills was exquisitely fragrant. the fog in my head was not insurmountable and I managed to make mostly the correct exit ramps.

  2. paul says:

    you’re kidding! Yeh, Cheb i Sabbah is playing the world music fest on the terrace next month. Now you can listen to Caravan online at

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