playlist 5 june

music of islam

Music from Egypt

Artist.   Track.   Cd title.   Label
abdul majeed abdullah.  mant rayeg; ta’er al ashgan.  the very best of.  EMI arabia

amr diab.  te’dar tetkalem.  allem alby.  mondo melodia

aswan troupe for folkloric arts.  al-tatha.  music of islam v 3: nubians.  celestial harmonies

balsam shafee.  khedr.  yalla hitlist egypt.  mango / island

hakim.  hasseb alena.  lela.  IRS world

mahmoud fadl.  hayart albi maak.  egypt: the rough guide.  world music network

mamdouh el gbaly et al.  habibi wa enaya.  music of islam v. 1 cairo.  celestial harmonies

mohammed abdu.  al’ amaken; hadeed.  al amaken jeddah ghair 2005.  rotana

mohammed aman.  bi habib al qulub; ahimu bi ruhi.  tradition of hejaz.  ocora

musicians of the nile.  ramla.  charcoal gypsies.  real world

omme kolsoum.  min elli a’al.  the classics.  virgin/emi arabia

saudi singers.  huti amshi fi suq; naquz: ya dha al hamam.  music of unayzah.  INEDIT

wa’ed.  Ala Min; ya ahlahom.  ya ahlahom.  emerging world


2 Responses to playlist 5 june

  1. Philip G says:

    hey, about that trashed Caravan blog… If you care about recovering any of those old posts, go to Google and search for and view the cached page (though not all of them were cached).

    • paul says:

      Hi Philip. Thanks for the note. I thought about trying to recover some of the recent ones. If Google is willing to keep them its its cache, at least they will come up when people search for specific things. Maybe that’s enough for now

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